Lower Eyelid Fat Removal

Lower Lid Blepharoplasty

Approaches to lower eyelid surgery are now tailored to the patient’s concerns.  Previously all lower eyelid surgery was addressed through a standard incision under the lashes extending all the way across the lower eyelid.  However, closer evaluation of patient’s requesting eyelid rejuvenation has a combination of issues: fat herniation, redundant skin or eyelid laxity.  The traditional approach is not indicated for fat herniation and may aggravate those patients with lower eyelid elasticity.  As such, separate procedures were created for each specific problem.

Dr. Doxanas uses a different approach for fat removal.  Herniation or prominent lower lid fat is familial tendency aggravated by aging.  Without creating a skin incision, these fat pockets are approached through a small button hole incision in the inside of the eyelid.  As such, eyelid edema and puffiness can be eliminated without external scarring.  If redundant skin is more of a problem, then a traditional transcutaneous approach is used.  This generally requires a minimal skin removal but can be more extensive based on the doctor’s determination.  If redundant skin or festoons are of primary concern, these can be removed directly.  Excessive skin removal may result in eyelid contour or eyelid malpositions and is such avoided.

It is important to have an ophthalmologist trained in eyelid surgery perform these techniques.  Dr. Doxanas is a certified by the American Society of Ophthalmic and Reconstructive Surgery.  He has received the prestigious Lester T. Jones award for significant contributions to the understanding of ophthalmic plastic surgery.  This extra training allows a greater level of understanding of anatomic concept which will maximize success and enhance patient satisfaction with all eyelid abnormalities.