Acrysof® Toric Lens

The Acrysof® Toric lens is a foldable, single piece intraocular lens that an eye surgeon implants during cataract surgery to replace the clouded lens. The unique design of the Acrysof® Toric IOL makes it possible to reduce or eliminate corneal astigmatism and significantly improve uncorrected distance vision. Acrysof® Toric lens provides QUALITY distance vision, independent of eyeglasses and contact lenses. The Acrysof® Toric lens is made of the same biocompatible lens material already successfully implanted in more than 25 million eyes since 1991. Sometimes, the surface of the cornea is curved more like a football, with both flatter and steeper curves. When the surface of the cornea has an uneven curvature, vision becomes distorted. This common irregularity, called a “corneal astigmatism,” causes blurred or distorted vision because lights rays are not focused at one spot to provide clear vision. A person who has both a cataract and a corneal astigmatism will not regain high-quality distance vision after surgery to remove the cataract unless the astigmatism is also corrected.

The proven performance of Acrysof® Toric lens  can allow you to meet your vision goals with less dependence on glasses for distance vision.  1,2

More than nine out of 10 cataract patients achieve distance vision of 20/40 or better

To see a simulation of how AcrySof® Toric lens can improve your vision after cataract surgery, head over to Alcon’s website here.

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Compared to a monofocal IOL.