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We are pleased to announce that beginning July 1, 2021, Dr. Marcos Doxanas, while maintaining his routine ophthalmic care, will shift his primary focus to surgical cosmetic and oculoplastic care and Dr. Samantha Williamson will become our main cataract surgeon at our practice!

Dr. Doxanas feels fortunate and grateful to have experienced the entire evolution of cataract surgery – from the initial procedures that included large incisions and hospitalizations to what we practice today with state-of-the-art bladeless laser procedures utilizing intraocular lenses that maximize visual acuity. However, he has decided to dedicate his surgical practice to eyelids and cosmetic enhancements in the facial area. His specialty training is in eye plastic surgery and through the years, he has established a reputation for excellence in these procedures. He will also continue a general practice of ophthalmology with routine exams including cataract and glaucoma evaluations.

Dr. Williamson joined our practice in the Fall of 2020 and has extensive experience in cataract surgery, including complex cataracts, secondary lens implantation and advanced lens technology. Additionally, she clinically and surgically manages a wide range of corneal disease and corneal transplant procedures. She is an excellent surgeon and her background, credentials and experience further support the superior outcomes we see from her daily.

These changes are ones that align with and support our goal of providing our patients a premium eye care experience at all levels. The whole Baltimore Eye Physicians team is proud to be your trusted eye care provider and we look forward to caring for all of your vision needs for years to come!