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Dry Eye Syndrome

March 28, 2017

Dry eye syndrome affects millions of Americans.  Whether mild, moderate, or severe, dry eye syndrome can be disabling. Feelings of “heavy” eyes, difficulty keeping the eyes open, and watery eyes are all common symptoms. The eyes actually water more when they are dry due to lack of normal oils in the tear film. Burning, stinging sensations while reading, or vision that becomes blurry while doing visual tasks are also symptoms related to dry eye syndrome. “Get the red out” eye drops should never be used for dry eye, as they can make things worse. Artificial tears can work temporarily to alleviate dry symptoms. When this is not enough, alternative measures can be employed to prevent dry eye syndrome from becoming worse over time. There are many different causes of dry eye syndrome. A structured approach with a treatment tailored to an individual’s specific type of dry eye syndrome is the most effective means of therapy. Baltimore Eye Physicians has its own Dry Eye Clinic specifically designed to accurately diagnose and treat this prevalent condition.